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Preview of "Unchecked Feelings with Sara Robke" - SHARE the MIC

On the next episode of SHARE the MIC, I talk with one of my favorite people who also happened to be enrolled in my spring 2020 creative nonfiction workshop, Sara Robke.


I'm so happy that Sara submitted her essay, "My Grandpa's Mechanical Bed," early in the term; our discussion about her essay helped set the tone for the rest of the semester. "My Grandpa's Mechanical Bed" generated such a rich discussion in our workshop: about the ways many of us have nursed a fantasy relationship with a person we've never met (a grandfather that died when we were young or before we were born, for instance), the complex stew that is grief, and much else.


I asked her to read the essay at the Celebration Symposium at Northwest, but, of course, that like much else had to be unceremoniously canceled.

On the bright side, I'm thinking Sara's essay will reach more ears this way. 


If you're an intern at a literary magazine looking to solicit submissions from up-and-coming writers (that was my favorite job, back in my TMR days), Sara Robke should be on your list! Obviously.



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